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  1. Dorothy Anne
    Dorothy Anne at |

    “Sara Smile” …..
    Such a Pure Love Song…..
    Touches Your Heart, Soul & Mind
    And never leaves…..
    The Feelings simply remain
    Forever embedded & entwined
    Between the Beautiful Close Lines
    Of Soulful Harmony that holds your
    Heart Forever & You are then Always
    Cast in the Light of Eternal Love❤️

    Thank You😊

  2. Ernesto
    Ernesto at |

    The song is so brilliant that a metal head like me loves it.

  3. Jill Golowach
    Jill Golowach at |

    This song makes me wish my name was Sara so it could be about me. As a vocalist, I want to find a man’s name that fits, so that I can sing it.
    What a great song!

  4. Jerry Fox
    Jerry Fox at |

    Great story! Great song! Tell us more about Hall & Oates.
    I also have a band. We play salsa, 10 guys in my and and I the arranger, instrumentalist, leader. My originals come out of nowhere. It’s fun to know details and the history of how a song is made and written. Tell us more

  5. LaNell Babbage-Torres
    LaNell Babbage-Torres at |

    I was there in Philly when my husband enrolled in Temple Unv. I didn’t know Hall&Oates were students there at that time. Coming from Georgia to Philly was a culture shock for me. Philly is forever in my soul, we got engaged there. Our first child was born at Hannaman hospital in Philly.
    Philly is forever in my blood. Gospel is forever in my bones, Hall & Oates are forever in my heart. Their music blends the best of soul, jazz and rock. As a former hippie who happens to be a black woman rediscovering their sound, I can truly say they are the Ambassadors of American music! Charlie made me fall in love with the Sax. I never liked jazz or the Sax until I heard Charlie. I’m over the moon hearing the words, the passion is unbelievable from Daryl Hall! What an amazing gift these musicians are to the world! Everyday, I find another song I wish I had known about. Love songs like theirs might have saved my marriage back then. Today it’s definitely putting my marriage back together after 50 years. My husband & I will owe Hall&Oates the next 40 years of romantic bliss.
    The only thing that would make this the perfect ending to our love story , is to get married at Daryl’s house… Chris & LaNell forever, smiling, singing and dancing to Hall&Oates! :)

    1. LaNell Babbage-Torres
      LaNell Babbage-Torres at |

      P.s. The Best is yet to come…

  6. Charron Daughtry
    Charron Daughtry at |

    Fond of them both. Gteat songs, and talent…


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