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  1. Dorothy Anne
    Dorothy Anne at |

    “Sara Smile” …..
    Such a Pure Love Song…..
    Touches Your Heart, Soul & Mind
    And never leaves…..
    The Feelings simply remain
    Forever embedded & entwined
    Between the Beautiful Close Lines
    Of Soulful Harmony that holds your
    Heart Forever & You are then Always
    Cast in the Light of Eternal Love❤️

    Thank You😊

  2. Ernesto
    Ernesto at |

    The song is so brilliant that a metal head like me loves it.

  3. Jill Golowach
    Jill Golowach at |

    This song makes me wish my name was Sara so it could be about me. As a vocalist, I want to find a man’s name that fits, so that I can sing it.
    What a great song!


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