Stories behind memorable albums of the 1970s as told by the artists


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    Mutlu is awesome! Please, is there anyway you could email me the chords? As a novice, I can’t figure them out. But I love the song. I would love to sing it to my lady. Great tune, Mutlu. Thanks.

    • Agnes Matthee

      I really need some help here please. I would like to know if B.J. Thomas sang the song “INDIAN GIVER.” And I would love to see the video. But the lyrics are a bit different to 1910 Fruitgum company version.

  2. Leck Mason Goodnough

    I got to sit behind Elton John in concert once too. We were seeing him mostly almost silhouette much directly behind him so I could see his hands as he played. He can really perform! Even though we were 10-12 rows up, our seats were really better that those in the “orchestra” section because we had such a great angle. And you are right, he did a great job performing “in the round” acknowledging that he had audience 360° around him.

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