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Month: July 2014

A foot of snow inspired the Statler Brothers’ chapter

Sometimes, all it takes is a foot of snow to provide a little inspiration. That’s how the 1972 album “Innerview” by the Statler Brothers made it into “The Vinyl Dialogues.”

In early 2014, it snowed quite a bit in the Philadelphia area, most of it I think, right in my driveway.

Snow makes me grumpy and I have threatened – to no avail – many times to whack Mother Nature upside the head with my snow shovel if she didn’t lay off my driveway.

But over the years, I have changed my philosophy when it comes to shoveling snow. I used to believe the best way to attack the issue was to wait until it stopped snowing, then go out and shovel it all at once. The problem is that if we get a foot or more of snow from one storm, it’s difficult to lift that much snow.

So … Read more

Sweet sounds from the Philadelphia Folksong Society

Sometimes the cool just kind of sneaks up on you.

That’s what happened to me July 1, 2014, when I got invited to participate in The Philadelphia Folksong Society music co-op at the Keswick Theatre in Glenside, PA.

My friends at the Keswick, General Manager Judith Herbst and Jennifer Muscatello, media and public relations coordinator, asked if I would be part of the event. Apparently after 38 years in the media business and now as an author, I have some insight into the starving artist business that I can share with other starving artists.

But since it was my introduction to the group and the event, I didn’t really know what to expect. Boy, am I glad I attended.

According to Noah Swistak, associate director of the Folksong Society, there are about 90 active artists in the Philly music co-op, several of whom perform at the annual Philadelphia Folk Fest, … Read more

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