Stories behind memorable albums of the 1970s as told by the artists

Month: November 2014

Completing a musical experience with folk legend Peter Yarrow

As much as I like listening to my favorite artists on vinyl, I’ve got this thing about hearing and seeing them sing their signature songs live. It completes the musical experience for me and oftentimes touches me emotionally.

That’s part what music is about for me: to elicit that emotion.

I want to experience Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys singing “Surfer Girl” in person. And I have.

I want to experience Hall and Oates singing “She’s Gone.” And I have.

I want to experience Elton John singing “Rocket Man.” And I have.

I’d like to witness Bob Dylan singing “Blowin’ In The Wind.” The same goes for Bruce Springsteen singing “Born To Run.” I hope to experience both of those some day.

There’s a whole list of artists whose songs I enjoy. I’ve got the records. But I haven’t seen them all live.

Fortunately, I was able to cross … Read more

A musical journey from Springsteen to ‘Springhouse Revival’

One of the first guys I met when I started college in the fall of 1977 at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa, was an upperclassman by the name of Duane Morrison. A bespectacled  Iowa farm boy, he was at an agriculture school to study . . . agriculture. Go figure.

Duane and his roommate, another upperclassman named Al Steinbach, lived right next door to me and my roommate Billy, in the dorms. A native New Yorker, Al apparently had decided to go to college in the heartland to study – best I could tell as a young, impressionable freshman – hillbillies. Since I lived right next door and appeared early on to be one of the new subjects of his study, he was in the right place.

The thing about Duane was that he had an advanced appreciation of music in 1977, especially vinyl. Duane and Al had the … Read more

Hall & Oates frighteningly good at opening of new ‘Daryl’s House’

It was billed as “Hall-oween and Oates,” but thankfully, there was no soul version of “Monster Mash.”

That was never going to happen anyway. Daryl Hall and John Oates would never have a conversation about covering that song in one of their shows, even on Halloween. To do so would severely compromise the integrity of their H&OHQ – Hall & Oates Hipness Quotient.

No, this fright night performance on Oct. 31, 2014, was about something completely different. It christened the new “Daryl’s House” – a renovated music venue and restaurant – that used to be known as the Town Crier in Pawling, N.Y.

It’s the next step in the evolution of “Live From Daryl’s House,” an internet and cable show that Hall has hosted since 2007. Episodes for the show, which airs on the cable channel Palladia, will be filmed there without an audience, but at all other times, the … Read more

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