The Del-Satins were always looking for an echo. A doo-wop group from New York that formed in the early 1960s, they would search out an overpass in Central Park, a subway station, anywhere that provided a good echo to enhance their sound.

The five original members – Stan Zizka, Fred Ferrara, his brother Tom Ferrara, Keith Koestner and Les Cauchi – had decided to call themselves the Del-Satins as a tribute to their doo-wop heroes, the Dells and the Five Satins. When they weren’t looking for an echo, the Del-Satins would sing on street corners, like many other singing groups from that era.

The Del-Satins had some early success when they got an opportunity to sing with Dion DiMucci. One of the most popular  artists of the late 1950s, Dion had split with his singing group, the Belmonts, and was looking for a new vocal group.

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