As much as I like listening to my favorite artists on vinyl, I’ve got this thing about hearing and seeing them sing their signature songs live. It completes the musical experience for me and oftentimes touches me emotionally.

That’s part what music is about for me: to elicit that emotion.

I want to experience Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys singing “Surfer Girl” in person. And I have.

I want to experience Hall and Oates singing “She’s Gone.” And I have.

I want to experience Elton John singing “Rocket Man.” And I have.

I’d like to witness Bob Dylan singing “Blowin’ In The Wind.” The same goes for Bruce Springsteen singing “Born To Run.” I hope to experience both of those some day.

There’s a whole list of artists whose songs I enjoy. I’ve got the records. But I haven’t seen them all live.

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