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The Photos, Audio and Video of The Vinyl Dialogues

Hall & Oates, June 20, 2014, in Atlantic City.
Hall & Oates

              John Oates
Daryl Hall

After all that attention from the government, "One Toke Over the Line" by Brewer & Shipley also got a different kind of attention, this time from Lawrence Welk, who didn't appear to have the same take on the song as did the U.S. government. Singers Gail Farrell and Dick Dale performed the song on The Lawrence Welk Show in 1971. After the performance, Welk said, "There you heard a modern spiritual by Gail and Dale."

John Oates performed a solo acoustic version of "She's Gone" from the 1973 Hall & Oates album "Abandoned Luncheonette" at a 2010 school assembly at his alma mater, North Penn High School in Lansdale, Pennsylvania. (Video by Mike Morsch)

Chuck Negron, one of the lead singers for Three Dog Night, performed all of the band's hits from the 1970s at a solo show at the Parx Casino in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, in July 2011. (Video by Mike Morsch)

The Doobie Brothers performed their smash hit "China Grove," from the band's 1973 album "The Captain and Me," before a packed house at the Keswick Theatre in Glenside, Pennsylvania, in November 2011. (Video by Mike Morsch)

Dino Danelli and Mike Morsch
Dino Danelli of The Rascals with author Mike Morsch

Eddie Brigati and Mike Morsch
Eddie Brigatti of The Rascals with author Mike Morsch

Gene Cornish and Mike Morsch
Gene Cornish of The Rascals with author Mike Morsch

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