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A Nod is as good as a wink cover
There is as aspect of the "A Nod is as Good as a Wink . . . To a Blind Horse" album that disgusted Paul McCartney, according to Faces keyboardist Ian McLagan. Find out what it was in The Vinyl Dialogues.

The Vinyl Dialogues
by Mike Morsch

It was the 1970s; Big hair, bell-bottomed pants, Elvis sideburns and puka shell necklaces. The drugs, the freedom, the Me Generation, the lime green leisure suits.

And then there was the music and how it defined a generation. The birth of Philly soul, the Jersey Shore Sound and disco.

The stories behind the memorable albums in The Vinyl Dialogues, The Vinyl Dialogues Volume II: Dropping the Needle and The Vinyl Dialogues Volume III: Stacks of Wax will surely resonate with many — from the artists crafted them to the listeners, like you and me, who still appreciate the music that filled up the soundtracks of our lives.

Throw in a little political intrigue - The Guess Who being asked not to play its biggest hit, "American Woman," at a White House appearance and Brewer and Shipley being called political subversives and making President Nixon's infamous "enemies list" - and The Vinyl Dialogues and The Vinyl Dialogues Volume II: Dropping the Needle offers a first-hand snapshot of a country in transition, hung over from the massive cultural changes of the 1960s and ready to dress outrageously and to shake its collective booty.

All seen through the eyes, recollections and perspectives of the artists who lived it and made all that great music on all those great albums.

For articles about the artists; what they've done and what they're doing now, visit the Vinyl Dialogues Blog!

Vinyl Dialogues Cover The Vinyl Dialogues
Stories behind memorable albums of the 1970s as told by the artists
by Mike Morsch

The book by Mike Morsch features interviews with Rock luminaries such as Hall & Oates, Stevie Van Zandt, Dave Mason, Edgar Winter, Joe Vitale, The Doobie Brothers, Al Stewart and more. The Vinyl Dialogues offers the stories behind 31 of the top albums of the 70s, including backstories behind the albums, the songs, and the artists.

The Vinyl Dialogues II Front Cover The Vinyl Dialogues II
Dropping The Needle... on more albums of the 1970s
by Mike Morsch

Artists interviewed for the new book by award-winning journalist Mike Morsch include Maureen McGovern, Artimus Pyle (Lynyrd Skynyrd), Don Felder (Eagles), Dewey Bunnell (America), Rich Williams (Kansas), John Oates, Elliot Easton (The Cars), Clem Burke (Blondie), Steven Van Zandt, David Knopfler (Dire Straits) and more... So get the inside scoop on some great stories, then dig into your record collection, lay down some vinyl and drop the needle on a decade of remarkable music, or pick up your phone, and pop in your ear buds.

The Vinyl Dialogues III Front Cover The Vinyl Dialogues III
Stacks of Wax
by Mike Morsch

The Vinyl Dialogues Vol. III features another great set of stroies by legendary groups and artists from the seventies. These stories from Loggins & Messina, J. Geils Band, Michael Stanley, Art Garfunkel, Ted Nugent, Billy Joel, Eddie Money, ELP, Def Leppard, and many more, will bring back memories from the music you listened to in your youth, and will surprise you with stories that you had never heard.

The Vinyl Dialogues IV Front Cover The Vinyl Dialogues IV
From Studio to Stylus
by Mike Morsch

      Within the walls of a recording studio, there exists the stories that make up the foundation to the soundtracks of our lives. It’s what happens in those studios that results in what we hear on our turntables.
     When Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys decided to go surfing instead of putting his voice on the song “Sail On, Sailor” who did his brother Carl Wilson turn to for the lead vocals? When the background vocalists struggled with a song for Carly Simon’s “No Secrets” album, what big-name star stepped in to lend his voice? When perfectionist Karen Carpenter had trouble getting the vocals right for a song on her solo album, what did she do solve the problem? Who was in the control booth with producer Phil Ramone when the Starland Vocal Band recorded its version of Paul Simon’s “American Tune?”
     Those stories and more are all here, as told by the artists themselves, who made some memorable - and some not so memorable - albums of the 1960s and 1970s.

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