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  1. R. Andres Villamil
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    I was in attendance that night at the Keswick and met you with Hawk Tubley. Your enthusiasm for the creative arts was very apparent that night and this posting is yet another example of that enthusiasm. Thank you for writing this and your positive words for everyone. I also look forward to reading your document on all these epic recordings. I hope you remain an active player and I get the pleasure of meeting you again. Until then.

    All The Best,


  2. Mike
    Mike at |

    Met you BRIEFLY the other night, but we never got a chance to exchange contact info (plus, we ran out of CDs). Great write-up…if we’re ever in the same place again, remind me and I’ll give you a physical copy. In the meantime, check our website where you can stream our album. Cheers! :)


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