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  1. Le Cootis (@Meltin_John)
    Le Cootis (@Meltin_John) at |

    “Don’t ever go see a cover band” is the short and long answer to this article.

  2. Vicki McCarthy
    Vicki McCarthy at |

    Mike, thank you for your story. I was honored to have the North Wales address, N 4th St to be exact. I sure miss Montgomery County, especially in the Fall. Texas sure isn’t that neck of the woods! I used to work at the News Agency by the railroad tracks, not sure if it’s there anymore. Wow, you sure brought a ton of memories back. My friend and I were lucky enough to be back stage at a Hall and Oates concert at NAS Willow Grove, sheesh had to be late ’80’s. What nice guys they were. Thanks again for the great story. Oh, and we really miss Ray’s Subs in Lansdale!

  3. Peggy Willis
    Peggy Willis at |

    I too was going to name my daughter Sara but opted for Tara. She knows the story too :)


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