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  1. Sara
    Sara at |

    Watched it on yahoo and loved it. Two of the best still!!

  2. Cathy
    Cathy at |

    Longtime fan of the duo, and of those introduced and supported by them. I’d much rather be live and in person, but the “live by proxy” concept was really and truly satisfying. I tweeted my emotions, and promoted the gig to my crowd, hoping they’d tune in and give it a chance.

    Alas, I was alone in my headphones. I stayed at Hall’s parents’ place. This real Philly girl was a fish outta wooden in Chester County. Now I live there, and can honestly say I once was Live AT Daryl’s House.

  3. charlie hebert
    charlie hebert at |

    Damn.. I missed it. Working on a local campaign here. Love when the duo get together. There’s music you dance to, music you drink to, but for me, when they play as DH&JO, i’m forced to sit back and listen bc I’ve either been there before.. or I’m going through it now.. or I’m sliding into it at the moment. These boys write! Hopefully, TBone’s spirit (and contributions) are well represented..

  4. Marc Youngmann
    Marc Youngmann at |

    Loved the Show! Great to hear the Oldies But Really Goodies Songs! Love Daryls House! Great that Yahoo Streamlined the show on FaceBook so all could enjoy! Thank You Yahoo! Saw Hall and Oates way back around 1975-1977 down in N.J. at the GardenState Performing Art Center in Holmdel N.J. when Kenny Loggins was the Opening Act. Daryl and John sounded like they really enjoyed playing their music together again, wish is fortunate for us Older Fans. Thank You Thank You! Rock On Hall and Oates

  5. terri farrington
    terri farrington at |

    I watched it and wished soooo much i was there but I plan to visit in the future. just saw them in sterling heights michigan in sept and they rock. Daryl u are so hot at your age. Wow that hair is something else you r in such great shape and u guys know how to perform , love live at daryls house and plan on coming to your bar when u r playing Well done Terri

  6. Tony Featherstone
    Tony Featherstone at |

    I thought the show was OK, but I am not sure why Daryl even tries to sing songs like One on One these days….he is not 35 any more….and if he does want to, there is no shame in dropping the songs down a couple of keys, or simply not playing them. He has totally lost his falsetto, even though his full voice sounds great. Back Together Again was another one….I also thought given that they were playing to a room of die hard fans, they could have dug deeper into the catalogue….and possibly lose that 15 minute version of No Can Do.

  7. alex graham
    alex graham at |

    The music industry can take the M out of music, but true genius leads back to you~

  8. Kim
    Kim at |

    Best. Show. Ever.
    I have seen them live more than 20 times and this was by far my favorite. The Club is fabulous, true to Daryl’s style, absolutely awesome. Honored I got to be there.

  9. paul
    paul at |

    awesome start to the project, so glad i caught that it was on, excellent.

  10. madge
    madge at |

    girl you are so lucky to have seen them that many times…I hold on to the three I have seen as if they were my life..The visions are still so vivid….Daryl is my heart of hearts and John is great….they make music that still holds up today….they are and will always be the best duo in music history…..I didn’t get to see the show on yahoo….either….do u think they will replay it again….fingers crossed….


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