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  1. Leslie Robinson
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    Great read as always, Mike! I am also a fan of the Tom Johnston era Doobies but I AM partial to the Micheal McDonald era Doobies as I was in middle school when “Takin’ It To The Streets” came out. Along with the title track, “It Keeps You Running” is my fav from that great album. Of course my favorite Doobies album is “Minute By Minute!” All of those songs hold special meaning to me as that was when I was in high school and played it when I was at lunch on my tape player! Another underrated LP is the next one,”One Step Closer” in 1980. I know Tom and Michael have worked together on Doobie projects but I would have loved to have heard them collaborate on an album together with the group.

  2. John Bolles
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    Mike – A pleasure to read your blog after meeting you Friday night. Unlike a lot of people who wear the journalist and/or blogger loincloth, you’re actually an excellent writer! I’m going to be perusing your earlier posts. – John Bolles


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