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  1. Carole Corbin
    Carole Corbin at |

    I enjoyed this show from my living room in IL. For $10 (it was a pay what you’d like show) it was incredible, and I hope DH has more Stageit shows from his new place. Although I could not get my ‘smart’ Samsung TV to stream the show, an HDMI cable from my mac to another TV saved the night; I had an uninterrupted stream all night, it was wonderful. Enjoyed the opening act, and hope to catch Mutlu and H&O when I’m back East. I won’t be back in time to catch Mutlu at the Tin Angel in Philly, but is one of my very favorite intimate venues.

  2. Lindy Owens
    Lindy Owens at |

    Fab concert..begining to end..i got the same message…but more than 4 or 5 times and missed the entire midnite ring in..maybe Mr. Hall could replay on his own site for folks who had issues….I paid $25.00 as I knew if all was for a good cause

  3. Rachel
    Rachel at |

    Now he had done Method, that would have been a rockin New Years!

  4. David Strahl
    David Strahl at |

    I was at the show and it was a load of fun. Daryl’s voice was great. The band was hot. It was aperfect way to greet the new year.

  5. Marilyn Mills
    Marilyn Mills at |

    I’ll add my voice to asking for a replay. Missed in on NYE. Love Daryl Hall!

  6. Rosalie Pilone
    Rosalie Pilone at |

    Missed it

  7. Wanda Santos Ciulla
    Wanda Santos Ciulla at |

    I wish I would’ve known about Daryl’s Club House sooner…I would’ve loved to have treated our youngest son, a 32 year old Coastie, to supper there, when we were in NY for his first NYC Marathon Run..as an early bday gift..He grew up listening to the best..He would’ve loved it. A re-airing of this would be nice.


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