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  1. Donna
    Donna at |

    I was barely five years old when this song came out and I still love it just as much as I did then! Some songs just touch a person, often for no particular reason.

  2. Wendi Summers
    Wendi Summers at |

    This is an incredibly well written article. It made me feel like I was actually there. Thanks for the story!

  3. Carol Machuga
    Carol Machuga at |

    6/26/2018 Looking Glass is right up there with The Association, Hamilton Joe Frank and Reynolds, Frankie Valli, The Lettermen, Kenny Rogers, Bread, The Eagles, Jay and the Anericans, I can go on and on, and then I start to feel bad that those happy times and that music is gone. The memories of music from the late 50s through the 70s will be with us forever. Thank you Pandora!

    1. Gail
      Gail at |

      Where was the farmhouse in Hunterdon County? I live there and would love to see it.

      1. jim chironna
        jim chironna at |

        I read years back that it was in Glen Gardner N.J. but they didnt give the exact location. Always wanted to see it myself…

  4. Mel
    Mel at |

    I love this song I also was very young when this song came out 3, but my mother played it relentlessly on the stero. Very interesting article about the band. Now I play it for my 11 year old daughter and she now knows all the words also. ❤️

  5. Carol Tielking
    Carol Tielking at |

    I remember listening to this song over and over and over again. I did NOT have a boy in my life – I was kinda like Brandy wishing I had. I was 15yrs at the time. But I had Epilepsy and the kids picked on me even beat on me. So I was a loner also. I read books and listened to music to escape my life. Thank you for this song. I DO have a niece named Brandi and I did marry a Sailor – after he got out.


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